Welcome to 2019!

2018 was another banner year for Jeffrey and myself both professionally and in our personal lives. It was an incredible year but a year of balance where we experienced the highs and lows that so often come hand-in-hand.

With Jeffrey playing a huge role in the day-to-day operation of our business, I’m free to spend more time traveling and at the cottage, which means a lot of strolls down memory lane and meals and laughter with lifelong friends and family members. Travel featured prominently in 2018 - Antony and I just love exploring the globe with old friends and making new friends along the way. We visited with family in Berlin and spent the month of November in Vietnam. The food was amazing and the people, food, and culture in Vietnam were exceptional. I highly recommend it!

We spent the summer at the cottage in Quebec and the downtime always reinvigorates us. It’s so nice to unplug, re-connect with our oldest friends and family, and spend time in a place so close to our hearts. It gets harder and harder to leave the lake at the end of the summer, and spending time with our oldest friends are the moments that we look forward to the most. We welcomed our granddaughter, Henley, for two weeks at the lake while Jessie and Rob spent some time in Italy. At the end of the summer, I experienced a Taylor Swift concert with my granddaughter - a show I will not soon forget!

Here at home in Guelph, we kept busy on the golf course and with our interests outside of the office: I still have a dedicated group of regulars joining me for my cycle classes and I love to sweat with you all! Antony and I were also proud to welcome the community to our home this summer as our gardens were featured on the Guelph Art Council’s garden tour. It was a great day meeting so many of our local people! We were also proud that our stone cottage was featured in the Our Home magazine this Spring and it was a pleasure to show the community our stone cottage which was built in 1847.

We are thrilled to share that our son, Adam, has accepted a position with Lindt, a worldwide gas distribution company. It’s a big accomplishment for him and in a very competitive trade. We are proud of his dedication and hard work and to see it all coming together with such a fantastically rewarding opportunity makes us so happy. Jessie has been busy with Air Canada flying the friendly skies and still loves her work and worldwide travel!

The multitude of highs were punctuated by the very real loss of our 14-year-old chocolate lab, Bailey. His loss has been felt deeply in our home and in our hearts. I would like all of our clients to take their four-legged friends out for a walk today and enjoy the moments with these loyal friends.

I am so thankful for the clients who make this career so rewarding and enjoyable. I take great pride in finding you a home in the city that I love. Guelph continues to grow, but it remains the little town with the big heart. I am fortunate to count many of my clients as close friends; we have so much to be thankful for, and I hope 2019 brings with it much health, happiness,and good fortune. I’m always available if you have questions regarding anything at all, from that cute little bungalow on the corner to the best place for a lunchtime or dinnertime meal. You can reach me directly at 519-546-2243 and Jeffrey at 519-400-5933.